Ways to Decorate with Plastic Spoons

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Once used, the plastic spoons have a tragic but certain road to the trash. What if we’d manage to turn them into decorative objects? It would be simple, inexpensive and surprising for our guests.

For example, with a package of disposable spoons, a carton and a round mirror, you can make a framed wall mirror in any color you want.  You have to cut the queues of the spoons and paste them in what form you want on the cardboard on which the mirror has been previously fixed. Equally simple to glue and the assembly are the candleholders.


Decorate the table with a few fir trees made of colored plastic spoons. If you feel even more determined and you have the necessary patience and resources, opt for bigger fir trees that you can place in your patio and in your garden.


The window sill in the kitchen and not only can support a few pots. “Plant” a few flowers made of plastic spoons in pots and give color to your windows.


In case you feel closer to the artistic side, in one of the days, you can try to melt the spoons in order to give them a more abstract form and create roses. Moreover, even if the winter holidays are far away, keep in mind that you can also make some fabulous Christmas Balls from plastic spoons.

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