How to Insert Metallic Accents in Your Home

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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One of the current trends in interior design is the use of metallic accents, from silver and gold, to copper, steel and brass. If you like this idea, but you don’t know how to apply it inside your home, here are some hints.

The wallpaper in metallic shades is a good option because it can radically change the aspect of a room, but is not a final decision, because it can be easily rearranged in case the trend is not very long-lasting and you want to adapt to changes.

 The kitchen can be easily renovated by using metallic accents by simply changing the home appliances. Those with the chrome finishes are easy to find, and though they have a steep price, it give your kitchen a professional air. Another advantage is that these accessories feature a lasting style.

If the centerpiece of your living room is a fireplace, you can opt for a copper finish around it, complementing the fire shades and warming the atmosphere.

If “dramatic” and “theatrical” are words that describe you, then you can try introducing golden accents among the classic furniture pieces in the dining room: Victorian chairs, candle holders, heavily accessorized frames for mirrors and paintings.

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The rustic style does not exclude the metal and you can easily introduce metal parts into such an arrangement.  Take into account the fact that the metal must not be very well finished, but may show signs of wear and rust. In order not to be a health hazard, opt for a corroded metal.

Are you the adept of the industrial style? Terrific! This means that you can save old objects that you can introduce in the decor through functional conversion.


In kitchens and bathrooms, the metallic accent is pretty hard to avoid, because of the presence of the batteries from the installations. Highlight them in a neutral color scheme, monochrome and through proper maintenance.


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