What, Where and How to Use the Lighting Objects in Your Home

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The lighting items are one of the simplest methods of totally changing a room, giving it a plus of elegance and a modern aspect. We can find a great variety of models and types of lighting objects on the market, and all you have left is to decide the style that you want to adopt for your home, the one that relaxes and cheers you up.

Depending on the rest of your furniture, the general design and, of course, the room, you can choose between candelabras, lamps, floor lamps and LEDs, in different shapes and colors. The varied range of products is very extensive, including wrought iron objects, painted glass, porcelain, wood and textiles.

Here are the recommended lighting elements for each room:

1. The living room

The most adequate lighting objects, for the living room, are the spots, the lamps or the chandeliers. If you want to create a special atmosphere and a remarkable ambiance, use the floor lamps. These have the obvious quality of highlight decorations of the lofty rooms, the ceiling ornaments and the decorative objects.

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2. The bedroom

An atmosphere that gives you a state of tranquility and relaxation after a working day is a must in the bedroom. This room has to mix the peaceful feeling with the romantic one, and in order to succeed you have to give life to your bedrooms, the most recommended object being the floor lamp. You can also use lampshade lamps, low voltage spotlights or halogen lights.

3. The kitchen

In the kitchen, is recommended a powerful lighting, which will be very helpful when cooking. That’s why the suspended light sources, the halogen spots or the fluorescent lamps, are the most adequate ones, also because they provide a uniform light. These are economical and have a longer lifespan.

4. The bathroom

The most appropriate lighting elements for the bathroom are the ones that create an ambient light: the courtesy lights equipped with incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs.

If you love the classic Venetian style, you will definitely remain fascinated by the creations of the traditional companies, such as Andromeda Murano. Its designers focus on the form and dress it into precious materials, creating objects torn from a fantasy world.

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Along with this impressive structures, the results of the technology have revealed a series of elements meant to satisfy the most original demands and to give a new form the rooms: you can find miniatures able to illuminate a large space such as the Mini Mini from Luceplan with a diameter of only 2.5 cm and a design incorporated cable, or the Fairy from Leucos floor lamps.

Also, Flex from Reflex is a lamp made from a flexible glass with the diameter of only 0.8 mm which can be bended, and the Homology from Kundalini from polyurethane and aluminum that seems like a reptile lifting up from the floor.

Among the stars of this season, there is also Caboche from Foscarini, which combines perfectly the traditional style with technology, through a twisted bracelet made out from various transparent spheres, for which it was used polymethylmethacrylate. The effect is fabulous!

The general trend, which the last generation of designers tried to improve, is creating lighting systems that respect the environment, reduce energy consumption and which light harmoniously.


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