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Built in 2012 on a budget and using traditional materials and technologies, this contemporary home is located in Santa Fe, Argentina, and it was sketched out by Nicolas Bechis. It spreads on a single level and seeks to highlight a connection to its surroundings with the help of large windows, glass doors and outdoor patios.

It offers 1,506 square feet of space and boasts a predominantly white interior offset by wooden furnishings and colorful decorations. Highlights include a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area with seating for six, and an air conditioning system that makes sure that the indoor temperature is always comfortable. Outside, the residents are able to take in the wonderful surroundings while reading or savoring a delicious drink on a wooden patio that rests on a carefully trimmed lawn.

From the architect:

This single-family housing project is under the cozy atmosphere of Pinar that distinguishes this private neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Santa Fe.

In order to relate closely to the environment to capture its filtered light, energy and pleasant views, the house unfolds silently on the ground.

A main tectonic volume hosts the living area overlooking the syntax and articulating other parts of the program which coated in black metal sheet plug around it.

Intimate but extroverted, it is open with courtyards as voids that catch the spirit of the place and insert it into the white and bright interior where each opening cuts a piece of it.

An initial program of 150 meters was the first of three possible later stages.

Its construction is made with traditional materials and technologies as the low budget was a relevant issue during design.

Architects: Nicolas Bechis
Location: Santa Fe, Santa Fe Province, Argentina
Collaborator: Maximiliano Godoy
Project Area: 140.0 m2
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Federico Cairoli

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