Zacatitos 04 House In Baja California Sur, Mexico


Skillfully designed by Campos Leckie Studio, the Zacatitos 04 House is a modern and minimalistic 2013 abode that can be found in Baja California SurMexico. The residence was built on a sloping site and features fabulous views of the Sea of Cortez and of a volcanic mountain formation. Even though it was built on a difficult site and with a low budget, this 2,400-square-foot residence actually represents a superb place to call home.

The main social areas are organized in a cascading manner while being flanked by a larger rectangular volume that comprises the bedrooms. One of the most distinguishable features of this modern home comes in the form of a perforated exterior wall that faces southwest and filters sunlight in order to ensure that the bedrooms never overheat. Furthermore, this perforated wall also helps with passive ventilation by contributing to a pressure differential, thus creating optimum thermal comfort throughout.

Photos by John Sinal

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