$19,999,000 Magical Los Gatos Resort-like Private Estate

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Step on the edge of luxury!  Yes, this is an invitation! You’re about to discover a world you never thought it exists. This world is closed in a house! Funny, but that’s how it is. The Los Gatos Resort-like private estate is fresh on the market and anyone could have it for $19,999,000. Think it’s much? Wait to see what it has to offer!

This spectacular place located at just 5 minutes from downtown Los Gatos offers six bedrooms, seven full and two half bathrooms and aside from that, it provides the most amazing birds-eye view of Silicon Valley.

Just picture it! You are the owner of the house and on your property a gorgeous pool with luxurious waterfalls, a tennis court, a playground and a helicopter landing area are well-placed. If you feel like, sitting and relaxing in your own courtyard, you can do that; if you feel like having fun, you can do that also. What more could you ask for?

If what we wrote here didn’t convince you, then take a look at these pictures below and maybe eventually you’ll unstick your eyes from the monitor.

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