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2014 brings many challenges in matters of interior design. From the bright wooden furniture to the fur and animal skins decorations, here are the coolest trends in interior design that you can use to kickstart your home!

1.       Preciously colored kitchens

The kitchen is no longer just a simple room of the house, one used exclusively for cooking. The interior designers rely, in 2014, on elegance and warmth of this space and propose arranging it with precious colors, from golden yellow to emerald green and ruby red.

Incidentally, one of the trendiest color combinations for kitchen space in 2014 will be the emerald green with royal perfume and the golden yellow with iridescent copper.

2.       Light wood

Perhaps as a revenge directed against darker tones used in recent years, 2014 marks the triumphant return of the light wood furniture, such as walnut, oak and cherry.

This type of furniture can become the piece of resistance of the living rooms or a simple accessory in a room dominated by dark tones.

3.       Extensive use of turquoise

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Even if Radiant Orchid, an elegant purple hue, was named the Pantone color of 2014, it doesn’t mean you cannot play with other colors to give your home a plus of personality. The experts in the field are thrilled about the fact the turquoise will be extensively used throughout 2014.

How can you insert turquoise into your home design? Rely on accents in this vibrant shade, from the decorative elements, the seat upholstery or chairs to the turquoise wallpaper!

4.       Animal fur and leather accessories

Whether you decide to opt for natural alternatives or for the artificial ones, you must know that in 2014 the natural ones will be in high demand, from carpets to decorative cushions, bedspreads and sofas.

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