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Located within Vienna’s 15th district, on Äußere Mariahilferstrasse to be precise, Apartment H+M represents the result of a successful renovation project completed by architects from firm named destilat. The apartment is a part of an older building, and it was modified accordingly in order to comply with current requirements regarding comfort and luxury. In order to achieve more living space, the architects decided to merge the kitchen with the living area thus making room for a new children’s room. Furthermore, the children’s room is combined with small bathroom.

As far as the parent’s bedroom is concerned, the architects expanded it by joining it with an adjacent smaller room. The build-in closets of the bedroom are hidden from sight by floor-to-ceiling curtains that also add a touch of elegance and mystery. Some of the furnishings were supplied by destilat, while others were designed by the owner. The client’s wife sketched out the wonderful tulle-chandeliers found in the children’s room and above the dining table. An innovative twist comes in the form of impressive “Shades of 3D” lamps, which were placed in the bedroom and living room.
Apartment H+M boasts 1,399 square feet of living space.

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From the architect:

The “Apartment H+M” project comprises the restoration of a 130m2-apartment in a classic Viennese old building on the piano nobile of a house that was built at the turn of the century. It is located on Äußere Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna’s 15th district.

For this project our client was looking for an apartment with preservable original substance that was not altered by typical mistakes of previous renovation attempts.

The typical structure of an apartment in an old building was adapted to meet the requirements of a modern style of living. The kitchen was integrated into the living area to make room for an additional children’s room that faces the courtyard. Even the former little bathroom was integrated into the newly created children’s room and became an alcove for the bed.

The former entrance area, which included a bathroom and a cloakroom, was transformed into a lavish wellness-bathroom with a sauna. The wall separating this bathroom from the new foyer was removed and replaced by a curtain, which can be closed if needed. The bathroom’s walls as well as its floor and washbasin were smoothed and sealed with a white tile-adhesives, creating a homogenous, monolithic and virtually joint-free spatial structure.

The parents’ bedroom was also expanded and upgraded substantially by integrating a small adjacent room where floor-to-ceiling curtains now conceal the bedroom’s wide, built-in closets.

The restoration and uncovering of the apartment’s original cement tiles in the children’s room and in parts of the bedroom accentuates these areas in a colourful way, contrasting the concept’s otherwise primarily simple and bright colours.

The furniture consists of the client’s own designs as well as pieces of furniture from destilat’s portfolio. For example, destilat’s “4tothefloor” solid wood table became the new dining table. destilat’s prototype of the “Camouflage” fibre-cement kitchen was installed in the living room’s kitchen area.

The living room and the bedroom were equipped with “Shades of 3D” prototype lamps. The tulle-chandeliers above the dining table and in the children’s room were designed by the client’s wife.

Location: Mariahilfer Straße, Wien, Austria
Area: 130.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Monika Nguyen

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