Apartment Saksaganskoho In Kiev, Ukraine


This lively, colorful and tastefully decorated apartment is called Apartment Saksaganskoho, and it can be found in Kiev, Ukraine. Sketched out by a skilled designer named Rina Lovko, this wonderful abode impresses with a blend of contemporary elements that feature a classic twist. A fine example of this would be the superb chandelier that hangs over a round wooden table, which is in turn surrounded by beautifully designed modern chairs.

The color palette is varied and includes bold tones of purple, red and blue as well as soft shades of beige, brown and white. As a matter of fact, each room within the apartment features its own theme and has its own personality. As such, the kitchen boasts a mix of modern, green cabinetry, wooden floors and edgy seating arrangements, while the children’s room features a playful tone of bright yellow on the wardrobe, a multicolored carpet on the floor and beautiful wallpaper that depicts cartoon-inspired cars.

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