Astonishing kitchen trends for 2022: Handleless kitchens are among favorites

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Is there any room that unites a family more than a kitchen does? We don’t think so! So, how could you make your kitchen stand out?

As you may know, trends come and go, so you don’t want to follow a trend that is going to disappear five years from now. And most importantly, you want a kitchen to appeal to your taste and suit your lifestyle and needs. That’s why we highly advise you to thoroughly research before starting any remodeling project. Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, it deserves attention accordingly. Plus, there’s no room for mistakes in kitchen renovation because mistakes cost money and time. Learn that trends that are shaping 2022 revolve around a multi-faceted kitchen that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

 We know it can be a real challenge to think about ways to update your kitchen to meet the above-mentioned features. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of astonishing kitchen trends that we hope will help you make an informed decision for your cooking space. Let’s wrap it up!

Colored cabinets

Some pops of color are something you can never go wrong with, so if you’re looking for a rapid, effortless makeover, painted cabinets may be your thing. Colors tend to make spaces more personal, tell a story, and add charm to a dull room. Besides, you can choose from various shades based on your taste and needs. You can select everything from matte gray and classic white to a more contrasting color palette like white and navy blue, dark gray and green, blue and orange, red and yellow, blue and brown, etc. Forget about the traditional cabinets of the same color – you can play with shades and transform your kitchen into an excellent area of entertainment, cooking, relaxation, or studying.

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No written rule says top cabinets should be the same shade as the base ones, so feel free to paint your cabinet doors your way. 2022 is the year to tailor your kitchen and take risks with shade. Dare to try colors you never thought would make a pair in the cooking space. Charcoal, blues, and greens are the stars of the season, and for a good reason – these color combinations make for an eye-catching retro design.

Handleless kitchens

Do you want an effortlessly smooth aesthetic for your kitchen? Then you should consider handleless cabinets. Whether you are into classic or have an affection for contemporary, handleless kitchens can successfully fit in any style. These handleless kitchen doors are now something new under the sun, as they were incorporated into the minimalist design long ago. Still, it is 2022 when they’ve got the deserved attention. With more and more individuals embracing this design, the handless kitchen market is constantly developing, so now you have to choose from various colors and finishes.

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Safety is one of the most significant advantages of these kitchens. We all know that as inviting and cozy, the kitchen is also a hazardous space. Knives, electrical and gas appliances, and other sharp objects require special attention, especially when it comes to children. Without handles, you no longer risk catching your clothing or bumping into one. Also, dangerous utensils are far from the sight of the little ones, as you can safely deposit them into a special drawer that can’t be opened that easily.

Handleless cabinet doors also fall into practical kitchens, as you no longer need to think about ways to match the handles with the cabinets.

Warm metals

We know what you are thinking: how could metals inspire a warm feeling? Well, they can and do it successfully. The times have changed, and with it, the kitchen trends. Therefore, that 80s-vibe brushed nickel no longer exists as a viable option in kitchens; instead, more and more people have started to explore brass and rose gold. But it is not that shiny brass you have seen in old houses – it is a warm and elegant metal that prepares you to be the star of this year.

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Everyone probably craves a method to give their cooking space a cozy feel, but sometimes this is easier said than done. Cabinet painting may be a variant, but what if these are in perfect condition? You are obviously reluctant to do this. Thus, consider introducing some metallic finishes like rose gold, brushed brass, or copper to make your space glow with coziness and up-to-date style. These sparkling metallic features can make your kitchen stand out, and you do not have to worry that they look garish because they do not. You can add metallic details to the cabinet hardware, faucets, lighting accessories, seating, and even to your backsplash. Just imagine how unique a faucet in golden hues of brass or copper would look – it will subtly highlight the cabinet hardware or a sleek space where hardly any other metallic touches show.

Earthy floors, walls, and surfaces

As you may have already guessed, all white is out of style this year. In its place, earthy nuances like green and yellow started to be explored. As for the silver that was once used to complement the dark kitchen, expect to see more gold this time.

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You do not have to paint your walls to adopt this style since you can always opt for removable wallpapers; they are a feasible and affordable option for anyone wanting to add some personal touch to their kitchen but are not willing to make major changes in this sense. If you do not want to change the wall color, consider other surfaces like countertops and flooring. Excellent earthy materials for your countertop include PaperStone (an eco-friendly option), constructed from recycled paper and proprietary resin. Regarding flooring, realistic woods have a real moment in 2022. Hardwood, as well as patterned, and stone-looking floors, will warm the kitchen with a lived-in, rustic feel no one can resist.

As you can see, you do not always have to break the bank to create the kitchen of your dreams. The trends suggested in this article are practical, creative, and budget-friendly ways to transform the heart of your home into a welcoming, sophisticated space.

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