Basic Cowshed House by Carterwilliamson Architects


Cowshed House is a project located in Sidney, Australia, which was completed by Carterwilliamson Architects. This old cowshed was purchased by the owners after they took into account the architects’ advice. It was a simple building situated on a small parcel of land surrounded by roads. Now every room is connected to the others and to the green courtyard which is practically a natural extension of the living spaces.

The width of the construction was expanded from three to four meters while the bedroom mezzanine was located above the kitchen.

Because a big jacaranda tree that blocked the valley gutters used to flood the entire house, it was designed a steep roof plane in order to prevent accumulating organic matter.

Much of the former building was structurally unsound, so the parts that were rebuilt carry now the spirit of the cowshed, consisting in simple and robust materials, concrete slabs, recycled bricks and the timber structure.


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