Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe In Tokyo, Japan

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The second venue for the Blue Bottle Coffee cafe was designed by Schemata Architects and is located in Tokyo, Japan. The cafe was completed in 2015 and features 2,034 square feet of space. Highly accessible, it can be reached after a 3-minute walk from Tokyo’s Omotesando Station, and it occupies the second floor of a building that is surrounded by beautiful trees. The establishment includes three cafe zones, including a short staying area close to the entrance as well as a long staying zone at the back.

The kitchen is completely transparent, which means that customers get to see the working staff at all times.  Irreproachable service, delicious beverages and a tranquil atmosphere make the Blue Bottle Coffee cafe in Tokyo a perfect spot for socialization and relaxation.

From the architect:

We designed the second shop of Blue Bottle Coffee in Japan. It is located in Aoyama district, approximately three minutes walk from Omotesando Station in Tokyo.

The café occupies the second floor of a building surrounded by trees in a quiet neighborhood, a few blocks away from the bustle of the main avenue. From the second floor, you can see green leaves in front of spacious balconies and enjoy beauty and comfort of each season.

The café space is deep in east-west direction, with an entrance located at a narrow end. Taking advantage of the spatial depth, we create three café zones according to length of stay and behavior, which gradually shift from short staying zone at the entrance to long staying zone in the back.

The kitchen is designed to ensure that all activities can be seen without obstruction. We treat space for customers and the kitchen as equally important, hoping that customers and the staff will make a good café together.

Location: Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
Architect In Charge: Jo Nagasaka
Design Team: Ryosuke Yamamoto
Area: 189.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Takumi Ota

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