Brown and Kaufman Home Remodel in Palo Alto, California

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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The goal was to modernize and brighten what was a cramped and compartmentalized 1960s Brown and Kaufman home. Completed in two phases, several interior walls were first removed to open up the living space, bring in more natural light, and improve the overall flow. The formerly dark kitchen which was closed off by a partition wall is now much brighter with new windows that bring in more light. The new kitchen has been reconfigured to open directly into the great room allowing the whole family to connect and gather together to enjoy the expansive space.

The clients wanted a master walk-in closet to replace their inadequate 1960s closet, so the master suite was expanded slightly into the living room. The redesigned space allowed for an additional desk/work area as well as a more functional laundry room. Although the overall footprint of the living room was decreased, the space feels much larger and brighter with the interior walls removed and new larger expanses of glass that open up to the outdoors.

Project: Brown and Kaufman Home Remodel
Architects: Klopf Architecture
Project Team: John Klopf, Angela Todorova, and Jackie Detamore
Contractors: Kevin Slagel Design & Build (phase 1), Coast to Coast Development (phase 2)
Location: Palo Alto, California, United States
Year completed: 2013 (phase 1), 2017 (phase 2)
Photography ©2013, 2019 Mariko Reed
Text and photos provided by Klopf Architecture

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