Good Haus – Zero Net Energy Home by Atmosphere Design Build

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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The Good Haus celebrates the intersection between design and performance – and seeks to be an example of a “good house”. The house is the family home of principals Mela Breen and David Good (designer and builder) – and playfully gets it’s moniker from Dave’s last name.

So what is our idea of a good house? In this case it is one that is pushing the possibilities of a site specific design while holding itself accountable to reaching the highest level of energy efficiency. Our good house is one that embodies our beliefs about resiliency, efficiency, health and comfort, beauty and playfulness.

The DNA for the Good Haus is established by the site, a steep and rocky hillside that spills down onto a small neighboring foothill meadow. A limited buildable footprint, season drainage concerns, and an inviting flat outcrop of granite drove the initial design. Two intersecting geometric volumes were conceived, each reaching out to connect the building to the landscape, each intersecting the other and providing counter balance.


Project: Good Haus
Architects: Atmosphere Design Build, Mela Breen
Structural Engineer: Mark Jokerst, SE
Mechanical: Balance Point Home Performance
Location: Nevada City Area, California, United States
Area: 2390 SF + Mechanical Basement + Two Car Garage
Year: 2018
Photographer: Kat Alves
Text by Atmosphere Design Build

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