Cap Maison Hotel In St. Lucia Ensures Memorable Vacations

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Visiting the island of Saint Lucia is always a perfect idea if you’re looking for pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and luxurious accommodation options, more so if you choose to enjoy your stay at the remarkable Cap Maison Hotel.

This lavish establishment boasts a unique design based on the renowned Spanish Caribbean style and features no less than 49 suites that represent synonyms for comfort, luxury and elegance. Placed on a 3-acre property on the northern tip of the island, the hotel offers direct access to beaches and exquisite dining venues, private swimming pools and superb terraces. The most spacious and luxurious accommodations can be found within the villa-suites, which come with their own private pools, outdoor showers and fully equipped kitchens.

Al fresco dining areas, breathtaking panoramas and exceptional restaurants such as Cliff at Cap are also important highlights of this reputable establishment. Last but not least, those looking for relaxation and pampering should definitely spend some time at the Spa Maison, where highly trained staff members perform comforting treatments for the body and soul.

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