Exquisite Iniala Beach House Interiors By A-cero


The Iniala Beach House of Phuket, Thailand is a truly outstanding place to spend a vacation at, more so since some of its interiors received an extensive upgrade at the hands of A-cero’s experts. Under the guidance of Rafael Llamazares and Joaquín Torres, these experts managed to transform the interiors belonging to 2 rooms within Villa Bianca and those of the resort’s restaurant into epitomes of modernism and sophistication that never fail to impress and amaze.

The 2 rooms are simply gorgeous to look at, since each and every element present within the main living spaces were sketched out by A-cero, including the furniture pieces. In order to evoke the ancient concept of “Yin and Yang”, the designers decided to equip the first room with light wood horizontal sense floors and a ceiling made out of dark wood, while the second room boasts a light wood ceiling and a dark wood vertical sense floor.

The furniture pieces were created using high-end polycarbonate and feature curvy shapes that blend seamlessly into the overall design of the rooms. Highly versatile, the dressing table comprises several removable modules and compartments. Spacious windows, incredible art adornments and generously sized windows are just some of the other highlights of these exquisite rooms.

The restaurant was designed to be a welcoming continuation of the rooms, which means that it also boasts numerous curved shapes as well as natural materials. Highlights include tables sketched out by A-cero, Platner chairs designed by Warren Platner and an exterior relaxation area that ensures breathtaking views of the sea.

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