Chalet Bolton-Est In Quebec, Canada

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Built on a scenic site surrounded by beautiful trees, Chalet Bolton-Est is located in East Bolton, Quebec, Canada, and it was sketched out by Boom Town. This cozy two-story abode has everything it takes to be considered a perfect holiday home, and judging by its spacious living areas and multiple amenities, it could also be inhabited permanently without issues.

The interiors boast a mix of rustic and modern elements that blend nicely despite their differences. For example, the living room, dining area and kitchen are all a part of a singular open space, which includes state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, a dining table for six, contemporary lighting systems, cozy armchairs and a wood-burning fireplace.

The floors, ceilings, doors and staircase are made out of wood, and so they strengthen the warm and welcoming ambiance found throughout. The staircase leads directly to the bedroom, which flaunts a comfortable bed as well as immediate access to a bathroom and a balcony.

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