Charming House in Dnepropetrovsk by Yakusha Design


Are you sitting down? If not, be prepared to maintain your balance because what you’re about to see will shake you up a little bit! We can’t say it’s just a house because it’s more. It’s something that the human mind created, but you’ll see that it was put a lot of work into it. The House in Dnepropetrovsk is the creation of Kiev-based Yakusha Design.

The architect created a nice and cozy environment with neutral palettes and rooms decorated by themes. For instance, one is a forest playground, another one is a zip-lined hallway, and so on.

A lot of light enters the house because of the floor-to-ceiling windows that also provide amazing views and keep the climate inside constant.

Everything about this house is more than amazing and if we could really describe it at its true value, we should invent a word for its splendor.

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