Classic vs. Modern Décor

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The way you choose to decorate your house depends very much on your lifestyle. If you didn’t buy a furnished house it will be a lot easier for you to decorate it as you wish. If the house or the apartment you bought is already furnished, it will be a lot difficult to mix two styles or to replace the existing furniture that does not fit your style.

Let’s assume you have an empty house and you want to decorate it from scratch.

Classic style

This style requires a larger investment because you will have to buy solid wood furniture, eventually handmade, which features various decorative elements integrated into the furniture pieces. After choosing this style, your house will include large and imposing furniture, so it is preferable to opt for this kind of style only if you possess a big house, because otherwise you risk turning your home into a crowded place that will make you feel uncomfortable. If it’s not a bright house then the whole atmosphere will seem burdensome because of the furniture and its dark color.

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Modern style

With such a style you don’t have to worry about the money you will spend because the modern furniture, which is made from chipboards, is largely accessible. Beside this, it is minimalist, so you don’t need much space and you will also have everything you need. It is easy to maintain or change, from time to time, if you want. This style is ideal for apartments and medium size houses.

In conclusion, all you have to know is that no style is worse than another, but it has to be adapted to the space and the lifestyle in order to have an organized, cozy and beautiful home.


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