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As we become more economy and ecology focused, there are more and more products coming to the market that help to save energy, not only your daily use of the most important room in the house but in the creation of the materials and appliances you out in it.

Your new kitchen

If you are having a new kitchen installed you can save energy right from the point where you choose your designer and suppliers. Increation, who design luxury kitchens in London, say they will ensure the brief incorporates the materials and technology to ensure a kitchen is as energy efficient as it can be for your needs.“Technology is playing its part too; installing a hot water tap reduces wastage when boiling water and looks great too. Installing digital meters to show usage encourages behaviour change. We add this to our design briefs when redesigning existing or new property.”


Eco Friendly from the start

If you want your kitchen to be ecologically sound as well as saving money through energy consumption, look at sustainable natural products rather than man made for your cabinets and flooring. Also look at the manufacture as well as the energy use of your appliances. Companies like Miele, Gaggenau, and Smeg are keeping up with every available innovation to make their appliances good for the environment. as well as good to look at and great to use

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Lighting is so important in a kitchen, not only for ambience but also for tasks. In recent years, directional lighting has been provided using bright halogen spots but these create a lot of heat and use a lot of energy. Taking over is the much more efficient LED lighting. These lights don’t get hot, use more of the energy consumed in giving out light rather than heat.

They are also solid state meaning there are no moving parts and they are extremely durable. Not only will LED lighting meet your task lighting needs, they are very adaptable to colour change technology, and can add atmosphere in recesses and living areas of the kitchen creating a definite wow factor. They are trickier to install than halogen fittings but the benefits are definitely worth it.

If possible, allow more natural light to enter your kitchen during the day. You won’t only benefit from the electricity bill you’ll save from artificial lighting, but also feel healthier with the touch of good sunshine. To control light in your kitchen, choose the best window treatment, such as sheer shadings and faux wood blinds. 

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The biggest single user of energy in the kitchen is the fridge freezer, as it is the only appliance that is on every day all year through. There is little we can do to change that but we can shop carefully to get the best efficiency, not only by checking the energy rating, the most efficient of which is currently A+++, but by ensuring we don’t buy a fridge freezer larger than we need. An empty unit means wasted energy and therefore wasted cash. Changing shopping habits to use more fresh local produce bought weekly, rather than frozen items bought monthly can help to reduce energy in more ways than one and reduce the size of unit you need.

Take a look at the following tips to save electricity using your refrigerator:

  • Use a refrigerator size appropriate for your needs. A too small fridge may be overworking if you actually need more space. On the other hand, a too large fridge with a few contents would mean potentially wasting energy.
  • Check the features. Refrigerators with door water dispensers and ice makers tend to utilize more energy. Frost-free refrigerators and refrigerators with automatic defrosting features use more electricity as compared to manual-defrost types.
  • Give your refrigerator some room to breathe by placing it at least four inches away from the wall. In this way, it will avoid overworking the motor. Also, move your refrigerator away from heat sources, such as the oven or stove.
  • Fix or change refrigerator seals when it is damaged or the suction becomes weak.
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Cooking and heating

When choosing a cooker and boiler for your kitchen, consider if one appliance can do the job of both. A Rayburn or Aga stove can heat your home as well as cook your food and with a range of fuel choices you can look for the one that best suits your needs and your pocket. They are also stunning centrepieces. If you opt for an energy efficient boiler separate to your cooker, then ensure you look into a dual fuel cooker with an induction hob, which is by far the cleverest solution on the market but gives you all the control of a gas or halogen hob.

Extra touches

There are simple little touches like advances in hot water and water saving taps, thermometers and energy meters to help you to know exactly what you are using and where it can be reduced, and a whole plethora of small appliances such as kettles, coffee makers, toasters, blenders and bread makers that use less energy if you are prepared to shop around. Your kitchen can be cleverest room in the house as well as the smartest.

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Reliable Energy Provider

Availing of the services of a reliable energy provider, like 4Change Energy is a good idea to keep your energy bills low. These companies usually offer flexible energy plans and rates, and you can choose from them depending on your energy needs. You can choose from renewable energy plans to reduce carbon emissions and traditional energy plans.

Enjoy flexible contract terms because reliable energy providers offer plans with 12, 24, and 36 months of terms. It only means that you can lock in a rate, so that you’ll have more predictable bills. They also have flexible month-to-month energy plans if you prefer not to enter a long-term contract. Trusted energy providers offer electricity plans in order to simplify the selection process. 


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save energy in your kitchen. Investing and using energy-saving appliances is a good way to attain this goal. Choose appliances with energy-saving features, such as those with adjustable thermosetting. Using small appliances also help save electricity. Save more money with flexible energy plans.


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