Cozy Belgravia House In London, England

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Belgravia House is located in London, England, and it was designed by Staffan Tollgard Design Group. It is a cozy, elegant and modern home that features large windows, comfortable sofas and beds as well as impressive decorations. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and includes a small table for 5 as well as a sliding glass wall that ensures access to an outdoor patio.

The living room boasts a fireplace as well as comfortable sofas and subtle decorations in the form of paintings and natural plants. Other noteworthy décor pieces include small statuettes that are placed within or above cubic shelves right above the workstation.

The bedrooms flaunt comfortable beds, large windows, and high quality drapes that can be used to block excessive sunlight. The bathroom comes with a fully transparent shower cabin, a generously sized bathtub and a large mirror.

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