Cubic Boxenbaum Residence by Ehrlich Architects

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Ehrlich Architects have completed the Boxenbaum Residence located in Beverly Hills, California. It’s a lovely home with large windows and open spaces, shrouded in neutral colors and earthy tones.

The owners enjoy a lot of privacy and serenity because of the home’s orientation towards the garden. Aside from its main functionality of providing a true home for a couple with grown children, the residence provides space for a gallery for the work of noted artist Kharlene Boxenbaum.

The house is composed of cubic volumes, vertical stucco masses and floating roof planes that contribute to reinforcing the open nature of the floorplan. The materials used for the interior space consist of stone and wood floors and elements of vertical stucco masses which create the sculptural backdrops for the fireplaces.

Photos by Juergen Nogai

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