Datri & Dasa House Tepeji, Hidalgo, Mexico

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Datri and Dasa are two modern neighboring homes that can be found in Tepeji, Hidalgo, Mexico. They were designed by a firm named [mavarq] and were completed in 2014 with spaciousness, comfort and minimalism in mind. The main differences between the two homes are mostly linked to spatial distribution. To clarify, Dasa flaunts continuous spaces as well as a direct link with the outdoors, while Datri boasts partitioned living areas as well as hidden interior finishes masked by simple materials.

These weekend homes belong to two brothers, and even though the residences are different at on the inside, they both share the same outdoor areas. Therefore, Dasa contributes with a terrace and a barbecue area, while Datri features a cellar and a swimming pool.

In order to achieve architectural balance, the designers implemented four different terraces that shape the natural topography of the site. The first terrace includes the garage and the entryway, while the second comprises a contemplative desert garden. The third is a common space shared by both abodes, while the fourth is represented by a garden space at the back of the project.

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