Elevated Oakpass Residence by Heusch Architecturev

Elevated Oakpass Residence By Heusch Architecturev

Completed by Heusch Architecture in Beverly Hills, California, the Oakpass Residence really surprises with its unique architecture. It was built on unexpectedly narrow columns and it looks like a minimalist box home with huge glass walls.

This ingenious solution eliminated the need for massive, tall walls, which are so common in hillside homes. Being so elevated, the structure is simple, and has a minimal impact on the lovely oak-tree embellished surroundings. Another great result of this architectural solution is the fact that the house enjoys plenty of natural sunlight from every corner, without compromising on privacy.

The space that remained under the “floating” residence was used as carport and Zen garden. Even the pool was elevated on three columns for more excitement and easy access from inside the house. Natural materials dominate the interior design, ranging from Spanish marble and Portuguese limestone to Brazilian walnut for the floors.

Photos by: Frederico Zignani

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