Fantastic Paris XX Residence In Paris, France

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris, the Paris XX residence was sketched out by Manuel Sequeira Architecture and offers breathtaking panoramas of the city. Starting off with the outdoor spaces, the abode features a spacious terrace with sun loungers and dining tables as well as a semi-opened space that boasts glass ceilings as well as comfortable couches and small coffee tables.

Inside, the owner enjoys an elegant and minimalistic atmosphere achieved with the help of contemporary furnishings and a plethora of white elements. Actually, the entire apartment is dominated by the color white, whether we’re talking about the walls or ceilings. The floors flaunt touches of gray, while some of the upholsteries come in vibrant shades of red for contrast.

Highlights include exposed ceiling beams, a study room, a fully equipped kitchen and a dining room with a glass table and seating for six.
An interior staircase ensures quick and easy access to the different floors.

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