Functional River Room by Shaun Locker Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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River Room is a restoration and extension of an existing building that was damaged by flood waters, and was completed in 2012, by Shaun Locker Architects, for a client located in Chelmer, Brisbane, Australia.

The purpose of the project was to reconfigure the existing deck area into the “River Room” in order to be used by the owners all the time.

The barrier standing between the indoor and outdoor spaces was replaced by crafted timber doors so the entire space to be opened up as one area or split in order to suit the heating or cooling requirements.
The building is connected to the river which has not been previously exploited. The new spaces can be used all year round because of the possibility of closing up the outdoor spaces and due to the orientation that captures the warm winter sun and light.

This extension is not air-conditioned but due to the extended glazing, the area can be used throughout the year.

Photos by Scott Burrows

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