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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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When the snow and the cold are taking over the streets, fields and gardens, we must turn our attention to the protective space of the house. The refuge of the body and of the most pleasant thoughts and feelings, our home must increase the comfort during winter.

Changing the decor is accordance with the seasons is one of the easiest ways to provide dynamic and personality to the house. The elements from nature, such as leaves and dried flowers or pine cones, are neither expensive nor difficult to find, and they give the space a special image when they are placed in a transparent glass container.

During winter, the focus is on the relationship between the senses and comfort, therefore, the soft and fluffy fabrics, respectively the pastel colors that exude warmth, should not be missing. For special occasions and for an elegant decor, regarding the curtains and the bed sheets, the silk is recommended. If you want to spend a relaxing afternoon with the family, you can put a nice, soft blanket on the couch.

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Use the delicate decorative cushions, upholstered in velvet, satin, suede or silk, preferably in dark shades. Fresh air can also be “colored” with aromas of cinnamon, vanilla by igniting scented candles.

If some of the previous actions can not miss, placing carpets in all the rooms is more than an aesthetic and decorative measure because it is a necessity. Think how unpleasant it is to step directly on a cold parquet floor or on the tiles of the kitchen.

Last but not least, maintain a pleasant environment by knowing how to illuminate the rooms in a romantic way. If you don’t have a fireplace, an idea would be to place lit candles in different corners of the house.


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