H-22 House In Punta Hermosa, Peru


This fabulous abode was designed by a team of architects from Vértice Arquitectos, and it can be found in Punta Hermosa, Peru. The house was designed to be inhabited permanently and so it features a generous amount of amenities, state-of-the-art facilities and high-end thermal insulation systems that ensure utmost thermal comfort throughout the seasons.

The residence was built using high quality materials including glass and stone, but it also features a plethora of wooden-based elements that are meant to give off a sense of rustic elegance. Boasting magnificent views of the endless sea, the H-22 House features a large terrace that comes with comfortable loungers and small tables, both of which can be used recreationally or for socialization purposes. The interiors amaze with tasteful décors, stunning lighting systems and amazing adornments based on natural plants and contemporary art pieces. Other points of interest include a large swimming pool, a special parking area, walk-in closets and luxurious bedrooms.

With 3,627 square feet of living space, the H-22 House in Peru is a spacious, cozy and inviting abode that definitely deserves a closer look.

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