Luxe Casa Pina In Rocce di Pinamare, Italy

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Casa Pina is a fabulous home that was designed by an Italian company called Fabio Fantolino. Built within the Italian city of Rocce di Pinamare, the residence benefits from a premium location in close proximity to the sea and impresses with a welcoming, clean and luxury-orientated design.

Built in 2013, this home is a perfect example of contemporary architecture and modern comfort. The main living areas feature high-end furniture pieces as well as crisp shades of white complemented by earthly tones of brown for a touch of contrast. Thanks to the large windows placed in almost every room within the abode, the residents are able to admire fantastic views of the garden and of the sea effortlessly.

The terrace also benefits from the aforementioned panoramas, but it’s also worth noting that it was outfitted with comfortable seating arrangements that promise endless moments of relaxation and great socialization opportunities.

From the Fabio Fantolino:

Casa Pina white and bright, as we all imagine an apartment on the sea. Resin, walls and white boiserie bring out the “frake”, a wood with many contrasts of light and dark, used for all furniture. Natural light ripples on the wave of artificial light, which softens and gives taste to the rigid lines and square volumes of the walls.

The table divides the kitchen from the dining room, both are bounded by a closed / open boiserie.

The white is imperative and enhances the window overlooking the terrace, from which you can admire the garden and breathe the typical atmosphere of the sea.

And the eye runs through the bed of the master bedroom that shows a glimpse of the precious vessels of the bathroom on one side, and the panoramic terrace on the other, and, on request, the view is obscured by an electric curtain.

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