House Of The Infinite In Cádiz, Spain

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Roomy and luxurious, the House of the Infinite was built by a team of architects from Alberto Campo Baeza in Cádiz, Spain, and we have to admit that it looks absolutely breathtaking. The residence includes 9,687 square feet of living space and was built in 2014 with comfort, luxury and sophistication in mind.

The unique location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean allows the owners of this fabulous abode to savor picture-perfect panoramas of the waters and of the surrounding environment on a daily basis. The home was built in close proximity to several Roman ruins, including those of fishing factories and temples dedicated to the old gods. The architecture of the House of the Infinite involves a wide, horizontal design as well as reliable materials that would not succumb to the humid touch of the breeze as the years go by.

Inside, large windows, white walls and a minimalistic approach to décor and furnishing contribute to a feeling of freedom and wellness. On the roof, a swimming pool ensures great opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

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House of the Infinite was created with the help of Javier Montero and Tomás Carranza, who acted as codirectors of construction. They collaborated with Gaja Bieniasz, Agustín Gor, Sara Oneto, Alejandro Cervilla García and Ignacio Aguirre López, but the structure of the abode was envisioned by Andrés Rubio Morán. Chiclana was the contractor, Manuel Cebada Orrequia was the quantity surveyor and Laboratorios Cogesur took care of the quality control.

Photos by Javier Callejas Sevilla

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