Modern And Sustainable CJ5 House In Vienna, Austria

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Completed in 2014, the CJ5 House is a modern and comfortable abode that was designed by Caramel Architekten and built in Vienna, Austria. The residence was designed to accommodate a single family, and it features its own garden as well as a large terrace placed on its main living level.

Upon entry, the residents are greeted by a simple, white space that leads towards the main living areas and the atrium garden. The interior color palette involves neutral tones of gray and white that are complemented by the warming appearance of multiple wood elements. The floors, some of the ceilings as well as most of the furniture pieces were made using wood in order to offset the cold appearance of the concrete walls. Transparency is ensured by glass walls and by a skylight that allows the entry area to be flooded with natural light.

As far as sustainability is concerned, the CJ5 House is almost fully independent from outside energy sources, all thanks to a series of photovoltaic panels placed on the southern part of its roof. An air-to-water heating pump and a high quality insulation also contribute to the abode’s sustainability.

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Photos by Hertha Hurnaus

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