How to Decorate Your Home with Graffiti Art

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Although in some cases graffiti just make the exterior walls of the buildings be dirty because of the antisocial messages and insults, that doesn’t mean that this way of drawing and coloring the walls can’t be converted into art, if done with talent and especially in such way as to represent beautiful and educational things.

And since it is a modern way of expression, this graffiti can serve to decorate the house, especially when it comes to teenagers or children rooms. Such a design inside the house can spectacularly decorate the walls and in the same time can say a lot about the personality of the person who lives in that space.

Compared to wallpaper or stickers, graffiti are more durable because of the special ingredients they contain and because they are drawn at demand, they represent a unique decoration, transforming a simple impersonal room into a more pleasant space for living.

For the little ones, one can draw graffiti with cartoon characters that kids love or soothing landscapes that turn the room into a fairytale land that encourages them to dream.

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If you’re wondering where else you can apply graffiti, you should know that it can be drawn even on the furniture. Not randomly, not on any kind of furniture but certainly if you recondition, for example, a cabinet or a closet, obtaining in this way a piece of furniture entirely unique and modern.



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