How To Select a Perfect Mattress for Your Bedroom?

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Choosing a mattress for your bedroom may sound simple enough, but there are actually several factors that you have to think about before doing so. Buying a mattress can be considered an investment, not only due to cost considerations, but more so because of the big role, it plays in your daily life. After all, you will spend practically a third of your life lying down on it.

Like any investment, buying a mattress involves proper consideration. Your budget, comfort, size of the bedroom, weight, and sleeping habits are just some of these factors you need to assess. Making the wrong choice for a mattress can also cause you a lot of physical and mental problems, such as back and joint pains, allergic reactions, or stress and fatigue from lack of sleep. 

But before going into all these details, first list down the reasons why you are on the lookout for a new mattress. If you are planning to replace a new mattress, it would be a good idea to check if it is really time to replace the one you are currently using. Considering normal wear and tear, a mattress would typically last for 5 to 7 years. Some signs would also point out if an early retirement for your mattress might be needed, such as sagging or if you feel pain and discomfort while sleeping. 

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Once you have determined the need to replace a new mattress, or if you have a need to buy a new one, you can then think about other considerations. Here are simple tips when selecting the perfect mattress for your bedroom:

1. Determine the Size

When getting a new mattress, size is very important, not just of the mattress itself, but of the bedroom as a whole. While you don’t want to feel cramped while sleeping, you also would not want the mattress to occupy most of the available floor space. You should leave enough space to let you move around comfortably, while also accommodating other furniture that you would need in the bedroom, like a dresser or cabinet.

Ask your furniture store for mattress sizes and measure them against your bedroom. The more people who are going to sleep on it, the wider the mattress should be, especially if any of them tend to move around while sleeping. 

2. Consider Your Posture

After checking the size and space that you can allocate in the bedroom, think about the usage of the mattress. Look at the number of people who will use the mattress, as well as their sleeping habits. You don’t want to be accidentally hitting each other with your arms and legs as you unconsciously move around while sleeping. 

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The texture of the mattress could also affect the quality of your sleep, depending on your natural sleeping posture. For example, a firm mattress would be more ideal for people who usually sleep on their back or on their stomach in order to support proper spine alignment. On the other hand, soft mattresses would provide more comfort for side sleepers as it can relieve pressure from their joints. For those who tend to switch positions during the night, consider getting a medium-firm mattress. 

3. Check the Weight and Body Type

Aside from sleeping posture, you also need to consider the total body weight that the mattress has to support. For example, a medium-firm mattress can support people with light to average body type. This will ensure that the mattress will not sink too deep and compromise the position of their spine. However, if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with this texture, you may also consider a softer mattress, particularly if you or your companion usually sleep on your side. On the other hand, if you are on the heavier side, consider getting a mattress for heavy people

4. Do Your Own Research

The different types of mattresses available in the store may cause you some confusion. Narrow down your options by doing some research before heading to the furniture stores. You can use this information as a basic foundation, so you already know what to expect when you go to test them out for yourself. Prices also vary depending on the type of mattress and material used. If you have specific health considerations, like asthma or allergy to certain materials, this research can help you narrow down your options as well.

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When it comes to mattress, there are five basics types. First is the foam which has no coils, thus it feels softer and provides better contour support.  Next is the innerspring which uses coils to support the body, making it firmer and bouncier. A combination of both is the hybrid, which uses coils as basic support, but softens the impact with layers of foam or latex, thus providing both comfort and bounce. 

Next is the latex type which uses rubber as the main material for the mattress. It provides bounce with moderate support for the body contours. Last is the airbed, and as the name implies, it uses air to support body weight. A pump is used to infuse air insight the mattress, which means that its softness or firmness can be modified according to the user’s preference.

5. Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

Many brands of mattresses will rely on marketing campaigns and attractive claims to lure buyers into a sale. Save yourself from falling for these offers by confirming with people who have actually tried them out before. Ask around your social circle if anyone has tried a certain type or brand of mattress and listen to their experiences. You may also ask them for the reasons why they chose to go for that particular mattress, as they may have different considerations from yours. 

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If you have special health conditions or preferences for a mattress, check online for communities or groups with the same profile.  Their experiences would be most likely close to what yours would be when you buy a similar mattress. 

As you check the websites or social media pages of mattress brands or stores that you have shortlisted, browse through the comments, feedback, and product reviews to see what their community and customers are saying about them. This can help verify if their product claims are true and if the customers are realizing the benefits promised by the product before the sale.

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