Interior Design ideas for the bedroom in 2019

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Luke Martin
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New Year, new bedroom? The New Year is often when we seek to make some changes. And, if your bedroom is looking a bit stale, we wanted to provide you with some inspiration for how you can make your bedroom look pristine in 2019.

The wooden look


A great way to achieve a modern look in your bedroom sanctuary is to add some wooden furniture. A classic piece of furniture like a sideboard or chest-of-drawers can act as a focal point in the room as well as being a place to store clothes and bedding. You might want to consider pairing it with wooden tables at the side of a classic king size bed frame to synchronise perfectly with your modern themed bedroom.

Natural Materials

Introducing natural materials, like wood or stone, not only gives an opulent, classy look it also makes your room look rustic and homely. If budget is no object you may want to consider installing a feature wall, utilising stone or wood. If (like most of us) your watching the pennies why not try some rustic decorative pieces like stone vases or cast iron lamps?

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Maximise storage

If space is an issue in your bedroom why not consider trying some rolling under bed drawers? Often the space under our beds is simply there to gather dust. However, if, like most of us you have a double bed or bigger, drawers are a great storage solution, especially of things like towels or sheets.

Mix and Match the decor

This trend has been with us for a couple of years and isn’t going anywhere soon. To do this right, use only three patterns, and follow the 60/30/10 rule. Pattern number 1 should take up about 60% of the entire bedding, the second piece should make up 30% as a complementary pieces, and the last 10% adds a bold accent to the colour. Make sure that the patterns differ from one another but don’t clash too much, remember your bedroom is for sleeping – not getting a headache! This look is the height of shabby chic and, executed correctly, will make your bedroom look amazing by only investing in some fabrics.


We’d always recommend starting with the basics, so try white first. A white-themed bedroom looks elegant, restful and chic. The, why not try dressing it up with a colour wall that creates focus. If the rest of the room is white, your feature can be any colour you like!

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Colour bedroom

Next, you want to go for unique pieces of furniture that complement and contrast with the primary shade of white. Utilising cream, green or brown can make being in your room more restful and enjoyable. If you want to lean more towards a neutral colour try warmer tones such as yellows or light brown which are more akin to wood for the ultimate natural and rustic feel.

Wall decor

What’s on the wall of a bedroom can make or break it, so don’t be tempted to simply buy just anything and put it up. Adding a painting over your bed is a classic tip as it creates a focal point to the room. If you’re not a huge fan of paintings why not try going for a neutral hue around the room and then creating a feature wall with wallpaper? Wallpaper can be a great way to add texture to a wall and can be a great way of upgrading your bedroom without drastic investment.


Well, we are in 2019, so why not look to the future? The three elements for a modern master bedroom are clean lines, simple bold colours, and plenty of natural light. If you only have one window, why not invest in some modernist light fixtures? A simple, modern looking light fixture can change your bedroom from the boring to the bold and make your sleep sanctuary look to the future.

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A sleek bed frame

Less often is more when it comes to a bedroom. According to The Bed Warehouse Direct, If you’re not decorating a tudor mansion we would recommend avoiding a four poster bed. Why not try choosing a thinner backed bed frame that blends with the rest of your master bedroom? When working with white, or off white walls a thinner darker bed frame can add a real contrast point. Think dark grey or wooden tones. You might also want to consider matching your new bed frame with some prominent side tables which will set off the bed perfectly.

Space saving shelves

A great way to maximise space and to add some decorative flare is to add some floating shelving along the perimeter of your walls. These shelves can be a great way to show off your nic nacs and photos as well as be used for housing your bedtime reading or, potentially a television.

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