JA House In Guarda, Portugal


With 2,798 square feet of living space, the JA House is a contemporary 2014 project that was completed in Guarda, Portugal by architects Filipe Pina and Maria Ines Costa. The residence features a mix of old and new elements, particularly because it includes an older home made out of stone as well as a brand new construction.

The 2 abodes are separated on the outside but linked on the inside. While the older house boastsa stone construction, the newer one was put together using concrete. The center of the home is occupied by a courtyard that, along with the entryway, represent the empty, well-lit spaces within the abode. The courtyard also comprises the staircase.

The residence is divided into two main areas. The ground level incorporates the garage, kitchen and living room, while the upper floor houses the bedrooms as well as the library. The materials used throughout the construction include oak, steel, concrete and stone, all of which are known for their reliability and sturdiness.

Photos by Joao Morgado

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