Lavish Residence in Mumbai by ZZ Architects

Lavish Residence In Mumbai By Zz Architects

This stunning three-story residence in Mumbai, India boasts 8,000 square feet of lavish spaces and was designed by ZZ Architects. The property initially held two row houses, but their owner wanted to merge and extend them, thus obtaining a larger residence with improved functionality. For instance, by enlarging some of the existing spaces, the architects created a number of multipurpose areas.

Another grand addition to the project was the conservatory, whose large glass roof invites natural light into the space all day long. All the other interiors impress with lavishness and sophistication. Besides rich fabrics, expensive finishes and luxe rugs, the house also boasts numerous impressive works of art, be them sculptures, paintings, or photos. Amenities include a gym, home theater, vast terrace, and superb outdoor spaces.

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  1. Is this place available during November 8 to November 17, 2019?


    Maid and Chef availability?

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