Luxurious Hollywood Hills House by Francois Perrin

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The Hollywood Hills House is exactly what anyone would expect it to be, judging it by its name alone. It is obviously built on the beautiful Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California, and was designed by L.A.-based architect Francois Perrin.

Completed in 2011, the house was erected on one of the last buildable lots in the area, on a very steep site, and with a North-South orientation. The views it offers are simply stunning, as the residence is very opened toward the city, even though half of it is built under ground level. The project includes four cascading levels which seem to be a natural part of the hill it is built on.

What’s really special about this lavish home is the fact that the outdoor spaces (patio, swimming pool, terraces and decks) occupy an equal surface to that of the interiors. This is an irresistible quality for a home in California, where the weather is always excellent for enjoying life outdoors.

Photos by: Michael Wells


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