Spectacular Origami house in Singapore

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Just as its name suggests, the Origami House in Singapore is a really impressive art-inspired house. While people usually use paper to fold and create amazing works of art, Formwerkz Architects used bronze metal Origami-like folds to create a unique sculptural home for one family.

The owners wanted a residence that would reflect their relationship with their daughter, a healthy relationship that includes respect for a child’s privacy, and responsible supervision over her actions. This led to the creation of a lovely junior master suite for the child, positioned in a place that facilitates a strong visual connection with the master suite, while also ensuring the much needed privacy of a kid.

Transparency and communication are an important part of this entire home, and so is the connection with the outdoor spaces. Sliding floor-to-ceiling doors facilitate a seamless transition from inside the house to the outside living space and swimming pool. We really appreciate the entire concept of the house and the way it was brought into existence by Formwerkz Architects.


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