Majestic Whites Road Residence in Auckland, New Zealand

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The Whites Road private residence is a project sketched out by Dorrington Architects & Associates, and it can be found in Whitford, Auckland, New Zealand. Since the owners were not satisfied with the original distribution of space within their new home, they requested a major renovation that would fulfill their needs for openness and comfort.

The materials used in the construction process of the Whites Road residence include natural white stone for the floors, basalt for the walls, stainless steel and oak panels.

The house was redesigned using four gabled structures that comprise the living rooms, bedrooms and the garage, each gable being linked to the surrounding outdoors while ensuring fantastic views. Furthermore, a flat-roofed porch supported by stonewalls was divided into two separate areas that house a guest wing and a family room. Another thing that makes this majestic abode special is that it features ample facilities and spaces for entertainment. Most of its entertainment areas can be found on the ground floor and are complemented by an outdoor entertainment area that promises fun and memorable times. Sounds Perfect, doesn’t it?

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