Marine Parade Home In Auckland, New Zealand

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Jane Mullock
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This lovely 4,348 square-foot abode was designed by Dorrington Atcheson Architect and was rebuilt in 2013 by Henry Dunham Building and Straight Line Building. The home is located in Herne BayAuckland, New Zealand, and it dates all the way back to the 1970s, which means that it has a heritage and a history.

The renovation process was done in 2 stages and involved enhancing the original building by implementing high quality, modern materials without minimizing its original appeal. During the first stage, the living areas were expanded in order to ensure spacious, comfortable conditions for the owners, but a pavilion was also added under a brand new roof fold. The pavilion includes a dining nook that reminds of the 70s as well as a living area and a modern kitchen. The cabinetry, the breakfast pantry and several shelves are built-in for extra convenience.

The second stage of the renovation involved masking the gables – a process that would ensure a careful blend of contemporary and classic design elements. The residence received a brand new 2-story unit that includes a garage at the lower level as well as a bedroom with its own en suite above. Since primary gable over the upper storey featured cedar battening, this new unit also received the same finish for a harmonious and seamless integration.

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