Masterfully Designed Casa A Due Altezze In Milan


This marvelous residential project is called Casa A Due Altezze, it was designed by a company called DISEGNOINOPERA, and it can be found within the beautiful city of Milan in Italy. The main color found throughout this elegant home is white, which means that all living spaces exude an atmosphere of fine taste and sophistication.  The crisp, cold appearance of the white contrasts exquisitely with the warm, welcoming allure of the wooden floors, but the lighting arrangements and the impressive decors also deserve a mention.

Highlights within the Casa A Due Altezze include a white dining table for 6, a well-equipped kitchen, a comfortable sofa and a modern bathroom, but the artful décor elements placed on the wall above the kitchen entrance and the hanging lighting arrangements are definitely the most eye-catching. Last but not least, we will mention the modern, brightly illuminated steps that lead the way towards a small and private workplace that includes a chair, a small table and a file cabinet.

Photos by Piero Cruciatti

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