Nature Embracing Villa-K Residence In Nagano, Japan

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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For many of us, there’s nothing more amazing than the idea of owning a modern home right in the middle of nature, surrounded by tall trees and caressed by the gentle touch of the wind. Given the opportunity to live within such a home, which also happens to be designed to ensure modern and comfortable living arrangements, how many among us would agree to part with the noisy and crowded city for good?

Villa-K is a superb home that can be found within a villa community named Karuizawa in Nagano, Japan. Designed by Cell Space Architects, the villa features 4 floors that are directly linked with a large central pillar. These floors boast large windows that provide fantastic views of the encircling natural environment, but they also feature their own independent roofs that are separated from one another thus forming a series of slits at various angles. These slits provide proper ventilation and allow for uninterrupted views of the forest canopy while efficiently linking the indoor and outdoor areas of the abode.

From the Cell Space Architects:

This site is located on a hilltop in one of the eminent Karuizawa villa areas. All directions around the site are clear for view in winter.The villa consists of four parts of floors and four parts of roofs around a central pillar.

The four floors placed on different levels are connected to the surrounding out space through windows in order to give diverse views for the residents. The inner spaces are divided into four parts and, on the other hand, are connected in a spiral around the central pillar.

The four roofs are connected with different angles one another. Sunlight coming through the slits between the roofs highlights the division of the inner spaces.

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