The Big Brother UK House Receives An Amazing Makeover

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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If you are a fan of Big Brother UK, then you’ll be glad to know that the 2014 season of the famous reality game show will take place within a completely refurbished residence. Featuring modern and somewhat futuristic design elements, this amazing home impresses with vast open spaces, colorful furniture pieces and exceptional lighting arrangements.

Even though the “housemates” that will take part in this amazing show are required to leave all technology behind during their stay, the house itself is actually filled with cutting-edge facilities such as fingerprint scanners and the utterly essential high-end cameras that will track the guests’ every move.

The bedroom area can be accessed through a magnificent garden, while the kitchen can be found right in the middle of the main living space. Even though Big Brother is widely famous for challenging people to live together and deal with each other’s issues, the house does feature a private pod that was placed conveniently right above a peaceful garden. And just in case things get too hot, the temporary inhabitants of this amazing home can always go for a dip in the massive swimming pool.

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