Nature-Friendly BF House by OAB and ADI Architectura

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Completed in 2011, BF House is located in a lovely Castellón neighborhood in Spain, which is still only partially completed. During the building process, the 3,000-square-meter (approx. 32,290-square-foot) property was left almost unchanged, as the architects’ main concern was to keep the environment unharmed and create a perfect harmony between the building and the surroundings.

The project was completed by studio OAB and ADI Architectura. The two drew their inspiration from the 17th century history, when people were forced to build homes on all sorts of terrains, due to overpopulation. As a result, the gorgeous BF House stands tall on a slope, with part of the building being buried (garage and auxiliary spaces), while the other part stands on V-shaped metal pillars.

For the construction, the architects chose to use prefabricated elements that were simply put together on site. This also includes the metal structure of the house, which was created in a workshop and then transported in large pieces to be assembled at the construction site. No trees were sacrificed for this project, and even the vegetation that was affected for the buried part of the house was later replaced with indigenous plants.

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The environmentally friendly residence also features solar energy panels, plus heat pipe technology on the roof, which results in almost constant hot water and under-floor heating. Natural ventilation is a given, but an air conditioning system was also installed for when natural currents simply can’t do the job. With stunning views and plenty of high-end amenities, this eco residence is a true work of art.

Photos: Joan Guillamat

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