Neat Line Lane by Horst Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Liane Lane is a recently completed home of 6,000 square feet, located in Orange County, California, USA. The project was designed by the Californian studio Horst Architects.

The project consisted in remodeling an existing mid-century modern residence built in 1960’s. There was accommodated a new entertainment space which includes a steel and glass box, placed above the single-level structure. The gravitas of the structure is reinforced by a prevailing skin of silver travertine slab.

The lower level of the house is the area that best preserved the L-shape of the structure, being placed around the swimming pool and the terrace. New spaces were added, while the existing pool was enlarged.

The interior design of the residence features a clean and austere simplicity and an atmosphere that exudes elegance and fine taste.

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