Olga Freiman House in Russia

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Olga Freiman was the architect that designed this stylish home near Moscow, Russia. It is full of personality and with elements that give it elegance.

Most used materials for this house are glass and wood. For some parts of the interior – like the living that appears to transform itself into the terrace and is separated from it by a double-height all-glass wall – this is a connection to the outside natural landscape. It’s a good way to enlarge the interior space.

All social areas can be found on the first floor. The large inside pool opens just like the living to the exterior, but its design is enhanced by the wood stairs going over it. Accents to the house are given by furniture pieces or decorating accessories with a unique and modern design: an iron fireplace, a glass balustrade, or a silver spiral hanging over the hallway on the first floor.

The colors used for the interior design are woody brown with dashes of green. Glass was added to this combination to give more style to the classy design.

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Photos b: Manolo Yllera

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