Original And Impressive Petaholic Hotel By Sms Design

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Designed by a company called Sms Design, the Petaholic Hotel is a fantastic establishment that can be found within the Zhongshan District of Taipei City, Taiwan. The architects that were in charge of designing this project were SMS Design CO. Ltd and Feng-Chi Peng, and they did an incredible job in creating a place for owners to drop their pets off in order to allow them to relax, play and interact with other animals.

The Petaholic Hotel flaunts a pop-art design that involves a mix of geometric shapes and warm, playful colors. The housing arrangements for the pets appear comfortable, well lit and spacious, but the pets don’t spend all of their time being locked up in their rooms, since this “hotel” also features a special, wide, open area that functions as a playground.

Completed in 2013, the Petaholic Hotel provides great pet housing facilities that allow the busy citizens of Taipei to go about their business in peace knowing that their favorite companions are taken care of and happy.

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