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This bold project belongs to Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), a company that plans to develop spectacular underwater hotels for luxe travelers. One of these hotels, called the Water Discus Hotel, will be built in Dubai, and it will look very much like an alien spaceship that landed into the coral-populated ocean.

Not only visually impressive, the building is also very safe, thanks to its three support pillars and the central vertical shaft that contains a stairway and an elevator. Safety was obviously an important priority for the developers of this out-of-this-world hotel, as its setting is not exactly the most predictable out there. Water can be very still one day and then furious and wavy the next. Fortunately, this hotel can even face a fairly high tsunami.

With two main discs – one underwater and one hovering above the ocean – this is a 21-room hotel that can offer both breathtaking views of the horizon, and mesmerizing sights of the colorful sea life. Surprisingly close to the local fauna and flora, the hotel is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. And for whenever living 10 meters (approx. 33 feet) underwater gets too much, guests can just go up to the other discuses and enjoy the perfect weather of Dubai.Out-Of-This-World Water Discus Hotel

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Renderings: Dimitriy Belozertsev


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