Perspicacious FINE Design Group Office by Boora Architects


The office of the FINE Design Group in Portland, Oregon, was recently renovated by Boora Architects. The creative new space was conceived by the architects concentrating on the exposed steel structure, concrete floors and on the natural light that abounds the 5,475 square feet space. Despite the fact that it’s an official location, the space is a loft-like open office environment with a relaxed feel.

Two offices with the agency’s conference room are house by the Barn- a three-pronged room, with walls wrapped in writable and magnetic surface, used for brainstorming.

The residential-scale kitchen is a very colored space which was mainly created for staff gatherings where employees can enjoy only healthy snacks.

A walnut-clade bookcase that includes a mix of books and objects is set at the east end of the office where there is also a print/copy zone.

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