Awkward Celluloid Jam by N MAEDA ATELIER

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Celluloid Jam residence located in Yokohama, Japan, was designed by N MAEDA ATELIER. It consists of a seamless structure which is completed by a surface that results as a flow of the architecture from the outer wall to rood to flooring to interior wall to ceiling.

The shape of the house may seem a little bit strange because to get here it suffered serious transformation by cutting, opening and bending the so called Moebius strip which was formed by twisting and turning a belt like an eight.

The architecture and the nature have been merged to a unified mass by applying adhesion, and to underline this impression, the architects have completed the surface without visible junctures.

There cannot be spotted any border between the nature and the architecture because where the Moebius strip touches the ground, the boundary seems to dissolve into nothing.


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